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Naruto Fanfiction- Mirrors (NaruSasuNaru)
Bill Nails

Title: Mirrors

Pairings: Naruto/Sasuke/Naruto

Rating: R (just a little bit of sexual stuff)

Summary: Within the other, they see themselves. Oneshot drabbley piece.

Disclaimer: Much as I like to wish it was, Naruto is most definitely not mine :'(


I have so many NaruSasuNaru ideas that involve fabulous amounts of hardcore smutty PWP goodness, and yet whenever I try to write any of them I get distracted by random ideas like this one. Ah well. I'll write 'em someday. Until then you must endure my attempts to sound intelligent. :)



For all their differences, they are remarkably similar.

When Naruto looks at Sasuke (at his partner, at his lover) it feels as though he is peering into a mirror; there is a sense of absolute familiarity, but it is an image entirely in reverse.

Many, even those who know them well, make the error of believing that their personalities could not be less alike; but peel away the fragile layers they have built upon themselves and underneath it all, pretenses and false smiles forgotten, they bear a strange likeness. They strive for the same things; their ultimate goal unattainable perfection, their determination no matter the odds is matched by no one but each other, and above all they constantly seek the approval they have always craved and were long denied, children trapped in a world of men.

Their differences on the outside mean nothing when they are stripped naked, hungrily pressing together until they are as close as they possibly can be, moving in a perfect cadence as if this is how they are meant to be.

Sometimes, alone together in their tiny apartment, Sasuke will catch Naruto by surprise, fingers ghosting across his palm in an obvious invitation. Naruto will press him against the nearest wall, hoist his legs around his waist and they will fuck there and then, hard and brutal and utterly honest, until their breath mists the windows, blurring their images into one; they are no longer separate but two parts of a whole.

When Sasuke closes his eyes and laces his fingers with Naruto's, squeezing gently, Naruto squeezes back without thinking, unconsciously mirroring the action. When Naruto smiles at him, Sasuke can feel the happiness he radiates; can see it in his eyes, can taste it in his kiss, sweet on his tongue.

In the end, they are only reflections of one another.


When I rule the world, it will be a law that everyone must write me stories about Naruto and Sasuke having passionate sex up against walls. Really. Better get started writing, hadn't ya? Oh, but leave me a review first because I LOVE reviews! 8D

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This is really the sort of fic I love, adore and enjoy reading the most. Precise language, good characterization and tastefully written, hinted at smut.

I love that you described Naruto and Sasuke as being each other's mirror reflections -- how you stated that, deep down, they are eerily similar to each other. In fact, you summed up why I love them so much.

I don't think I have more to say, though I'm amused at your author's notes. I love your law -- and I love reading Sasuke and Naruto having passionate sex up against walls (but I won't ever write it, mind you).

This is seriously one of the most awesome reviews I've ever gotten, thank you! It's always extra nice getting comments from you as I have pretty much all your fics bookmarked on my computer *fangirls you* XD
I'm glad my author's notes are amusing too haha!

its really sweet.
i love how is short but concise and appropriate.
i love the characterisations as well.
i cant remember the last fic i read with them against walls, link me?
(i read a lot of yaoi fiction, i sometimes get confused)

Yay, glad you liked it!
I have soooo many NaruSasuNaru fics bookmarked that I lose track of which one's which, but I'll try to find some of my favourites that include vertical!sex haha (there aren't that many unfortunately)! Plus, some time I'll get round to writing a good lemon of my own for this pairing :)

http://community.livejournal.com/sasuxnaru/165333.html (an unusual one, as it's kinda SasuNaru, kinda... SasuSasu. You have to read it to get it XD)
http://bittenkitten.ochiba.net/writing/525/ (normally I hate AU's, but this author is really, really good!)
http://www.narutofic.org/viewstory.php?sid=6758 (a little bit of tree sex!)

I'm sure there's a couple more I have somewhere but I can't find them at the moment- too many fics! Anyway, hope you enjoy these ones, I think they're great!

hahah i've read those and i think tree
SMEX is HAWT! i read the fittest kakashiXiruka one, cant remember who its by though and alas it isnt book marked but yeah FWARR!
yeah this has taken me the longest time to reply cause i was reading them..Again i love them i have saved them an i forgot how funny and hot bittenkittens writing is...fibbidip.
god yeah, thanks

thats a world i can live in, that was great, i really loved the metorphic imagetry of it...yeah i cant spell but i think you get my point...it was a great story...hope for more...

Thank youuuuuu! I'll hopefully be writing more NaruSasu/SasuNaru-ish stuff soon :)

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