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Fanart: Holmes/Watson/Irene (R)
Bill Nails
Drawn for the amazing, fantabulous, wickedly delicious Sherlock Holmes kink meme, for the prompt 'Watson naked and loving it between Holmes and Irene'. I'm much (much D:) better at fic that at art, but haven't drawn in ages and thought I'd give it a go. Lol all you want. Not exactly brilliant, but it's not too horrific hopefully! Some slightly appalling anatomy fails, Irene doesn't really look all that much like Irene, and dear god why can't I draw haaaaaands. And I chickened out of drawing any actual hand-jobbing for fear of making it look even worse. I also don't really know what's going on in the picture; are they in bed? It looks like they're standing up, why?! Why have I drawn much more of Irene's body than of Watson's or Holmes's? Why do they all have decidedly non-sexual expressions on their faces? These are mysteries even the great detective himself cannot solve XD

And lo, Holly did draw, and it did suck. Harder than Holmes sucking Watson's dick.


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