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Sherlock Fanfiction- Take Me (JohnSher)
Bill Nails
Title: Take Me

Pairings: John/Sherlock

Rating: R (at a push- it’s build up with no actual sex scene, WTF me)

Summary: Written for a kink meme prompt. Sherlock has a request for John, and John is happy to oblige.

I wrote this little ficlet as a fill for a prompt on the old Sherlock Holmes kink meme (I left it for a while I swear to god! Then the new BBC version came along, and I’m sucked back in! Arrrrrgh! Though I have moved onto the BBC-only meme now). The prompt was ‘I want to see Sherlock (pref BBC, any other okay) begging John to "take him to bed", using that exact phrase. That's a phrase that pushes my Happy Buttons ^w^’. Benedict Cumberbatch's voice makes me happy in my pants and I couldn't get this prompt to leave me alone til I'd written something. I'm not sure if I like this fic- sometimes I think it’s quite good, and then I’ll be in a different mood and think WHAT IS THIS SAPPY NONSENSE HOLLY YOU FOOL. Ah well, at least I'm writing something for the first time in about half a year! >_<


Take Me

They’re sat relaxing in the flat, reading in comfortable silence. It’s a peaceful night, or at least as peaceful as one can hope for in a London apartment. The clock on the wall reads ten past midnight (it’s five minutes fast and damn it if John is going to put it right; Sherlock is taller and can reach the bloody thing, and it belongs to him anyway, the lazy sod).

Sherlock closes his book with a soft thump, and looks at John.

“Take me to bed,” Sherlock whispers, and it’s so quiet and so unexpected that at first John isn’t sure he heard him correctly.

“Um... what?”

“Take me to bed, John.” His voice is low and throaty and it sends sparks through John’s veins, alighting something in him. Sherlock unfastens the top button of his own crisp white shirt with elegant fingers, eyes fixed on John’s as though he can read his every thought. John swallows.


“I want you to take me.” Full stop, end of sentence. John tilts his head to one side and frowns slightly.

“...to bed?” John finishes for him.

Sherlock looks pointedly at him, and he looks almost vulnerable; his voice doesn’t waver, sure of himself as always, but there’s something there brimming beneath the surface that John’s never seen in him before.

And then John realises what he means; the last time, there was no ‘to bed’ intended. No more drunken fumbles or quick, spur-of-the-moment sex to be enjoyed and never spoken of again. They don’t talk about it, not ever, but this time it’s going to mean something; there is a strange atmosphere in the room, and it feels as though something profound but intangible has shifted between them. The last two words swim in John’s head, and his body is thrumming with arousal already.

Take me

John stands and extends his hand, laces Sherlock’s fingers gently with his own and helps the other man from his chair. He pulls him gently towards the bedroom (John’s bedroom; their bedroom?); he’s nervous as all hell but nothing has ever felt as right as this.

Take me

He does.


Comments are ♥♥♥♥♥♥ :3

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Okay, this was wonderful. Fluffy and oh gosh so hot.

Yay! I'm glad you liked. Also you get an A+ for icon usage XD


If at any point you feel like there could be a sequel to this... yeah :D

NOOOO don't tempt me to write a sequel! I'm too busy! I briefly considered it when I first wrote it, then decided I'd leave it as it is. Now my mind is wandering and I'm thinking about a sequel. DAMN YOU *shakes fist* I'm glad you liked it enough to want more!

Hee! Thank you! Also your icon is adorable ♥

That just made my heart very, very happy <3

I am pleased for your very, very happy heart! Thanks for commenting :D

This was delicious. Thank you for sharing.

Why thank you for your kind comment!

There's a BBC only kink meme? Where?!?

Also, great fic! Very sweet. :3

Totally with the prompter, those words are just... unf. So simple, yet so so effective <3<3 Love this!

Yeah, those words are always hot, and then I imagined Sherlock's voice saying them and was like nnnnnnnggg I have to write this! XD Pleased you love it ♥

*sighs* So beautiful. Love the glimpse of the past you allowed us while painting a great picture of the present. <33

This is a very very lovely comment and I feel my little fic is unworthy *blushes* I'm happy you liked it!

You're very welcome and yes, your little gem certainly deserves the praise. ;)

To be honest, I have blushed when I came across the expression 'take me' because there is so much behind it - desire, honesty, a hint of submission, need. It's pretty powerful and also very hot (and not to mention disarming) to voice need in such a fashion.




I am flattered by both your use of capslock and your over-excited EEEEEEEEEE sound! XD Thank you ♥♥♥

Whenever things make you happy in your pants in future, I demand that you write BBC!Holmes fic of it. Posterity and general hotness demand it! YOUR FANDOM NEEDS YOU!

Sorry. This comment rather ran away with me.

BUT BUT BUT too many things make me happy in my pants and there just isn't enough time to write them all! For some reason I'm expected to go to work and stuff *grumbles* I shall endevour to do my best though! ♥

How very sweet. :) I wasn't expecting something so pivotal!

Pivotal... I never really thought of it like that if I'm honest! It was going to be smut, and then when I started writing it I started giving it a background, and then suddenly THERE WAS NO SEX. It just seemed to end there. I'm glad you thought it was sweet!

Aww that is just so sweet and way, way sexy!!

Hee! Thanks! Happy you liked :D

Very seduce for what Holmes to said to Watson, want a sqeuel of it.

Nooo people need to stop tempting me to write a sequel, I don't have time! But now I want to, haha! I'm glad you liked it enough to want more, thank you for commenting ♥

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