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Tokio Hotel Fanfiction- Propinquity (Tom/Bill)
Bill Nails


Pairings: Tom/Bill

Rating: R

Word Count: ~1,000


Summary: Propinquity (noun): Proximity or nearness in relationship, place or time; kinship; similarity in nature. Tom, Bill, and interconnected musings on their relationship. (Oneshot)

Disclaimer: I did not create the Kaulitz twins, but I did create the super-awesome banner to go with this fic. Mad skillz right there.

I usually write kinky PWPs, where did this come from?! I was nearly finished writing another fic when this came into my head. I don't even know, okay. This is a style of writing that comes up fairly frequently in some fandoms, but I haven't really come across it in this fandom so much. You'll probably either love it or hate it! I hope you enjoy it :)



It has been eleven months, two weeks and four days since either of them has said ‘I love you’ (though neither of them is aware of this fact). They do not need to say it, unless they have had the absolute worst of arguments; after all, when one of them says ‘I love you’ it acknowledges the fact that there could be any other possibility.

They do not waste time stating the obvious.


“You’ll still be in bed when I get back?” Tom says, clipping worn leather leads onto their dogs’ collars and pulling his hood up. The corner of his mouth quirks up and he brushes his thumb over his twin’s cheek. “Don’t want you going anywhere.”

Bill gives him a look which is difficult to read (which is strange in and of itself, since he usually knows Bill’s thoughts as well as he knows his own). It is a sort of soft smile, eyes filled with something happy-sad-reassuring, and Tom doesn’t really understand; he was sort of expecting a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer like any other day.

Bill leans over the edge of the bed, white sheets pooling at his naked waist, and he gently cups his slender fingers around Tom’s jaw, pulling him down to press a kiss to his forehead.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he says, holding Tom’s gaze and radiating something like bliss.

Tom wonders if they just had an entirely different conversation to the one he thought he was having.


Sometimes it seems as though Bill is too perfect, too flawless to be real. He is a pristine porcelain doll, pale and beautiful and strong; push him too hard, Tom thinks, and he will inevitably shatter.

He might be polished to a perfect finish, but Tom is close enough to see the cracks.


He knows that Georg and Gustav must be aware of his unconventional relationship with his twin; they are not stupid, and the four band members spend so much time in close proximity to one another that they must have realised eventually. They never pry, though, and if either of them disapproves then they have never let it show. For this, Tom respects them more than he can ever put into words, and he wishes he could thank them; he settles for being the best friend he can be (joking aside) and hopes it is enough.


Even now, years after their first furtive, curious touches, there is still a tiny flicker of guilt that manifests itself at times. It is rare for Tom to feel it, but it is there all the same, triggered on occasion- something he reads, something he sees, bringing words long ago dismissed to the forefront of his mind. Wrong, it whispers. Sick. It is difficult to swallow, the guilt weighing heavy in the lines of his jaw, bitter and sticky on his tongue; but then his twin kisses him, tasting of strawberries and sugar-dust and salvation, and his worries are drowned in affection, chased away by the satisfied curve of Bill’s beautiful mouth.


Sometimes, he asks Bill to talk to him in English when they are in bed together. The best part is making him fall apart until his English and German blend into broken nonsense and the only word he seems to remember is the soft-uttered syllable of Tom’s name.


Bored within the oppressive walls of their hotel room, Tom is not entirely surprised when his brother sets down two tequila shots on the arm of the sofa and straddles his lap with a smirk. His raised eyebrow hints at a game played long ago and Tom knows what will happen next, memories firing lust sparking white-hot through his veins.

Salt is sprinkled over Tom’s palm and Bill carefully licks it off, eyes burning into Tom’s the whole time. Shot downed, lemon sucked; they kiss, taste spreading.

Tom’s turn.

A pinch of salt between forefinger and thumb, he sprinkles it over the hollow of Bill’s collarbones (dark look, pale flesh). Bill shifts, lashes fluttering, as Tom laves the salt from his sensitive skin. Shot swallowed, lemon bitten (sharp, the teeth and the taste); their eyes gloss, skin prickling fever-hot. Love-drunk.

The alcohol doesn’t even register.


For a moment he wonders at what point sinking into his brother’s lithe body became as natural to them as breathing, but then Bill gasps and twists prettily underneath him, silver-lacquered fingernails pressing into the sheets.

Tom is not sure he can remember his own name, let alone what he was thinking about.


Bill pulls a narrow tube of lipgloss from his Gucci purse and leans towards the bathroom mirror, carefully applying it. Tom swallows.

“You always look at me like that when I’m doing this,” Bill laughs, swirling the stick of gloss between his fingers in front of Tom’s face with an effervescent smile.

“I don’t look at you like anything,” Tom smirks, rolling his eyes. They have five minutes until their next interview starts and he doesn’t want to have this conversation right now. After all, he needs to look composed and calm, and how can he do that when he’s imagining Bill’s gloss as it looked yesterday, smeared over his own thighs, his hip bones, his-

Tom steadies his breath, looking away, and bites the edge of his tongue until pain blossoms in his mouth.


“I do love you,” Bill says, voice barely above a whisper.

“I know,” Tom says, and it is difficult to get the words out. “Love you too.”

Bill quirks a tiny smile, though he isn’t looking at Tom; the anger lingers in them both (minutes, hours, days spent fighting) but they know it will fade.

It has been fifteen seconds since either of them said ‘I love you’; sometimes they need to state the obvious. There is a bruise on Bill’s hip where he was violently shoved against a wall, and a bruise on his lip where Tom kissed him hard enough to hurt.

They fight like brothers and make up like lovers.

They would not have it any other way.


I always appreciate comments so very much, but I'd particularly love them for this fic- I'm not sure if people in this fandom even like this style, really. I may or may not write another similar fic at some point. And if you do know of any other fics that are sort of like this one, feel free to rec them to me! <3


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i loved these.
the ones where he appreciates the g's silence and feels guilty made my heart hurt in sympathy.

bill talking in english until he can't remember how to say anything but his brother's name is a very sexy thought.

tequila, yummy. another tasty thought. ;-)

I'm really glad you liked it. Especially where you say that it made your heart hurt in sympathy- it's hard for me to write in a way that gets an emotional response from the reader, but it's something I like to be able to do so I'm glad I managed it! Thanks for commenting ♥

(Deleted comment)
I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment.

I'm a fairly new fan of Tokio Hotel, but the twins are just too amazing not to write about. For one thing, they have such a fascinating relationship with one another, and for another, well, they're just so beautiful I can't even stand it XD


I really liked this - the style and the completed piece both. Do you have more? Or an account on THF?

Glad you liked! I haven't any more of this style written in this fandom yet- just a filthy Tom/Bill PWP haha. Though, I have written something like this style in various other fandoms so you might want to have a quick browse through my journal (there isn't loads there) in case anything takes your fancy. I'll hopefully write more like this soon, and my THF account is under the name Slashmistress Holly (here) for future reference :)

I love this writing style and I think you wrapped it up very nicely.
It was fluffy and hot and with a tiny touch of angst. Perfect.

I had most of the sections written for a good few days and then quickly added the ending this morning shortly before I posted the fic- I'm pleased it worked nicely and you think it wrapped everything up well. Thanks for leaving a comment! ♥

I love all this ones. The porcelain, tequila and the last one are particular strong for me. Again: I love this. ^^

You had talent girl :D

Awww, thank you! *hugs* I'm very glad you enjoyed reading it!

I read these today at lunch and absolutely fell in love with your word usage. The ritual of the tequila shot had me holding my breath with how gorgeous it was and how much I could feel. SO well done! :)

Thank you so much! I often get such vivid images in my head and it's hard to put that image and the emotion with it into words so I'm glad it worked for you <3

this fic is simply perfect. the way you wrote it makes it seem so real, I wish you would write more kaulitz twins lemony fics <3

Oh, thank you for your comment, I'm so happy you liked it! I've been really busy with work and exams but got another exam out of the way today and I'm really in the mood to write something. I wish I had more imagination for writing but I have writer's block like 99% of the time haha. I promise I'll write something soon! ♥

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