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Supernatural Fanfiction - Testament (Dean/Cas)
Bill Nails
Title: Testament
Rating: R (language/sex)
Genre and/or Pairing: 50 sentence ficlets - Dean/Cas
Spoilers: Some references to S4/S5. S6/S7 events are drawn upon but aren't explicitly referred to.
Warnings: References to canon and non-canon character deaths (but ultimately a happy ending, I promise!)
Word Count: 1,817
Notes: Fifty sentences - headings/prompts chosen at random by me! This was way harder to write than I expected and took ages... it felt less like writing a fic and more like writing fifty very short drabbles XD It's a mixture of heartbreaking, happy, sweet and porny :)
Summary: A series of snapshots of Castiel’s life (or, at least, the years that matter most).


1   Save

“I gave you life, Dean Winchester,” Castiel rages at him, thinking of Hell and also of Dean lying bloody and wounded at his feet leaking life onto half-dead grass; he thinks, but does not say, and everything of mine as well.

2   Ecstasy

Castiel throws his head back and arches off the sheets as the universe narrows to the perfect cupid’s bow of Dean’s mouth and the place where the soft swell of his lips turns hidden and slick.

3   Family

“Thanks, man, this is why I like you the best,” Dean jokes as Castiel passes him his half-finished slice of apple pie, ignoring Sam’s scowl of indignation.

4   Knowledge

It doesn’t take long for Castiel to become adept at using a computer, and he can proudly say that the Wikipedia pages on Heaven and angel lore have never been so accurate nor up-to-date; his joy is short-lived, however, as two days later his changes are reversed by the site administrators (apparently ‘I am an Angel of the Lord’ does not count as an adequate citation).

5   Expression

Castiel finds that he has a natural talent for writing poetry, his gift for languages and his need to articulate his now very human emotions his influence; he writes hundreds of poems for Dean, to Dean, and burns every one of them before he will ever get the chance to read them (he knows him too well).

6   Nature

He dips his fingers into the clear water of the stream and looks out across the lush viridian landscape, admiring the beauty of the world created by the one he was once proud to call ‘Father’.

7   Swallow

“Delicious, right?” Dean asks him over ice cream; Castiel nods in agreement but recalls the hot, intense flavour of Dean’s mouth and thinks I have tasted better.

8   Comfort

“You know, sometimes I wish I could fucking hate you just so I wouldn’t have to put up with you,” Dean spits; Castiel drags him to the floor and kisses him harshly because there are times where drowning in one another is all they have.

9   Reason

Never, in all his existence, has Castiel had so much and so few worth fighting for.

10   Weep

Sometimes, lying side by side in bed, he will feel tears beading Dean’s lashes, dampening his shoulder or his arm where they touch; they don’t talk about it (but then, Castiel has noticed that there are many things they don’t talk about).

11   Splinter

“When you were gone, it really broke him up inside,” Sam tells him with an aching sadness, but they both know that Dean was broken long before his absence, and there is only so much further that you can fracture shattered glass.

12   Hurt

Dean’s eyes glint in the fire’s glow like light off a blade, but the anger Castiel sees in them cuts him far deeper than any knife could.

13   Emotion

In those rare moments when Dean goes gruff and quiet, fumbling over his words in embarrassment and struggling to convey his feelings through lack of practice and intent, Castiel smiles because these are the things that mean the most.

14   Sculpt

He trembles, overcome, as Dean traces the shape of his body with fingertips Castiel remade himself.

15   Sadness

Grasping the beautiful, tattered soul of the righteous man and pulling it from the horrors of Hell, Castiel can feel the frayed edges and deep rooted agony and wishes with every fibre of his being that he could have saved Dean sooner.

16   Ocean

He stands at the shoreline, listening to the rhythmic roll of the waves over the sand, and thinks of the sea as it was thousands of years ago; some things never change.

17   Innocence

“Dean, what is a ‘sext message’, and do I need one?” Castiel asks him over the magazine he is reading; he doesn’t know why Dean finds his query so amusing but his laughter is always a wonderful thing to hear.

18   Ties

He has heard Dean and Sam described as many things, but the most fitting of all is ‘soul mates’.

19   Mend

Dean has sorrow woven into his very skin, a being built with layer upon layer of pain and horror; Castiel wants to unravel him and fix him up like patchwork, taking memories of loss and stitching pieces of light and hope in their place wherever he can.

20   Devotion

“I serve Heaven and Heaven alone, and our Father’s word is absolute,” Castiel says, avoiding the gaze of his brothers and sisters; he never was very good at lying.

21   Smirk

There is a promise held in the lush curve of Dean’s smile; Castiel does not know what he is offering but he does know that he would very much like to find out.

22   Drive

“I see,” Castiel says serenely as he hurtles them down the road at nearly seventy miles per hour, Dean’s knuckles turning even whiter when he continues with “and which one is the brake again?”

23   Mirth

They have achieved more in the last twenty four hours than they have managed in the previous two weeks, feeling high and happy after a job well done; the highlight of Castiel’s day, however, has to be a very drunk Dean curiously asking him if “multidimensional wave-thingies of celestial intent can get boners,” and other pressing questions.

24   Play

Dean sits behind him, pressed together as though they are one, stroking and teasing Castiel’s body as if it were his own and whispering things that should be obscene but instead are perfect.

25   Conviction

“There was once a time that you did not have faith in my existence, you did not believe,” Castiel murmurs, and Dean simply strokes reverent fingers over his jaw and his lips and looks at Castiel as though sometimes he still cannot.

26   Heal

Dean bandages Castiel’s wounds with hands streaked in blood that is not his, destruction and restoration both.

27   Want

He remembers slamming Dean into the alleyway wall hard enough to rattle bone and all the things he saw in his eyes but could not then understand.

28   After

“You’ll be there, on the other side?” Dean asks him one day; Castiel says yes and spends the rest of his life ensuring that this will be the case.

29   Guidance

Once, many centuries ago, Anna told him that she believed he had great potential; he thinks of her wings burnt black and beautiful onto the ground, betrayal charred into their dark outline, and wonders if he has by now achieved whatever it was that she had hoped for him.

30   Torture

Held captive in Heaven, pain escalating and at the mercy of those who call themselves ‘good’, he wishes he had a mouth with which to scream.

31   Liberty

He has made many mistakes but regrets none of them, for at least he had the freedom with which to make them.

32   Fear

“You ain’t leaving me too, are you?” Dean asks him, eyes painted glossy with grief and neat whiskey, and Castiel says “I won’t,” but really means I can’t.

33   Refresh

The rain is heavy and sustained and Dean complains about it constantly, but to Castiel it feels cleansing and pure, as though the whole world is starting anew.

34   Knowledge

Mapping every part of Dean’s body intimately over and over and over, he wonders if he will ever tire of learning the splendour and intricacies of the human anatomy (he doesn’t).

35   Tease

Dean’s fingers rub absent-mindedly up and down the dripping neck of his beer bottle and Castiel flushes hot, remembering; when Dean catches his eye and smirks at him he realises that his actions aren’t so accidental after all.

36   Change

Castiel tilts his head back to look at the night sky and smiles at the brilliance of the stars studded like sharp-cut diamonds across the dark canvas; he wonders at what point he stopped turning his eyes heavenwards and thinking home.

37   Wait

He places his head on Dean’s chest and listens to the steady beat of his heart counting down the seconds, minutes, hours remaining until the war to end all wars begins.

38   Respect

“Sam, I am honoured to be your friend and to fight alongside you,” Castiel tells him with gentle sincerity whilst Dean rolls his eyes and pretends to gag to hide his smile.

39   Urgency

“Do you trust me?” Dean yells over the whipping of the wind all around them and Castiel says “Yes”, closing his mouth before far more than I should slips out unbidden.

40   Edge

The first time Dean asks to be penetrated Castiel comes before he can even get inside, Dean’s voice, the brush of his thigh and the very idea of it enough; Dean laughs and laughs, body quaking around two fingers, until Castiel finds exactly where to stroke to render him submissive and speechless.

41   Overwhelm

Before he met Dean, Castiel was unaware that it was possible to torment someone using only your tongue, gentle fingers and the steady passing of time.

42   Air

Castiel’s breath catches in his throat as Dean sinks into his body inch by exquisite inch, and he cannot help but wonder if humans ever forget how to breathe.

43   Thrill

“Someone may see us,” Castiel whispers against Dean’s neck, but Dean simply presses him deeper into the backseat of the Impala and smirks, saying “Why, you gonna let ‘em?”

44   Provoke

“And what about you, Castiel; have you allowed your beloved Dean to sodomise you like the human whore you so clearly wish to become?” Zachariah sneers at him, and Castiel takes great pleasure in responding with “Yes, I enjoyed it immensely,” and watching the other angel’s vessel flush crimson with rage.

45   Mark

There are fingerprint bruises on Castiel’s hips where Dean has held him, and fucked him, and loved him, but he doesn’t heal them, choosing instead to wear them as a brand (shadows of what has gone before).

46   Memory

On the first of January Dean puts every pill, every painkiller he has in his possession, in the trash; Castiel isn’t entirely sure where this sudden no-drugs rule has come from, but perhaps it is some sort of New Year’s resolution for 2014?

47   Peace

Sometimes the three of them (Castiel, Dean, Sam) sit by the Impala in comfortable silence, drinking beer and soaking in the sun’s warm rays; here Castiel thinks he finally understands the meaning of the word ‘content’.

48   Confession

“You know that you’re, like, everything, right?” Dean says softly to him, given courage in the dark.

49   End

They leave this life together and on a Thursday, and isn’t that just fitting?

50   Infinite

As the years stretch into millennia and the passing of time is enveloped by eternity, one thing remains certain: he did it (all of it) for Dean.


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Loved all of these very, very much!! *mems*

These are absolutely gorgeous. ♥

Thank you so much bb, that means a lot!

(loves you forever)

That was lovely and perfect. <3

Then I shall love you back, also forever! So glad you liked these :)


I honestly don't think I could have done this, so I appreciate how much effort went into creating this story using only single sentences. It rocked. Job well done, you. <3

Aw thank you so much! *hugs*
Yeah haha, I thought it would be easier than writing a fic normally as it only has to be done a sentence at a time and they don't need to necessarily link in any way, but actually it was so much harder! I found it took ages to come up with enough ideas, then faffed around trying to make them sound good, then spent forever yesterday reordering them so that there was some sort of flow rather than a jarring jump from humour to oh-my-god-the-sad XD All in all this took hours and hours over about a week, but hey, what else should I be using my holidays off work for lol :D

I <3 these 2 alot "
44 Provoke

“And what about you, Castiel; have you allowed your beloved Dean to sodomise you like the human whore you so clearly wish to become?” Zachariah sneers at him, and Castiel takes great pleasure in responding with “Yes, I enjoyed it immensely,” and watching the other angel’s vessel flush crimson with rage.

45 Mark

There are fingerprint bruises on Castiel’s hips where Dean has held him, and fucked him, and loved him, but he doesn’t heal them, choosing instead to wear them as a brand (shadows of what has gone before)."

this was wonderful =D

Ha, those are two of my favourites too XD So glad you liked these!

28 near killed me, till I read 50 then I just had tears rolling. Just mindblowing. Perfect

Awwww *wipes your tears away* Thank you so much, this means such a lot! My personal head canon says that no matter what happens in the course of their life they end up together forever after- a happy ending in a sobbing-so-hard-oh-my-god kind of way haha ♥

Edited at 2012-01-08 02:02 pm (UTC)

Omg, this is gorgeous I love this! :)

this will make me smile till next friday! X3

specially loved #48, and I'll give my liver away if someoen draws that!

Aw, I'm so happy this made you smile! Thank you for commenting ♥

28, 49, and 50 seriously shattered me. These are so beautiful and I love the unique prompt, too. Great job, seriously. c:

*Hugs* Thanks so much! I like to think that despite the emotional rollercoaster that is their lives, they end up at peace and together forever and ever and ever after *cue gross sobbing*

40 through 46 are my favorite! i loved this and i think you did a great job

I'm really glad you loved it! :)

Holy crap I love this fic so much. The "snapshots in time" sort of style always gets me, and each of these is so poignant and achy and perfect.

*\o/* This comment made me so happy! I love this style too, there's not enough of them around. I know some people don't like them because of the way they jump around, but I love the way you can explore so many more aspects of a character and across an infinite time period. I like how you said 'achy' as that's exactly how it felt writing some of these and I'm glad I managed to get that across. And as I adore your fic and your amazing rec lists, this comment means even more to me bb! ♥

I'd never thought it would be possible that 50 simple (ok, not that simple) sentences could draw such a perfect picture. Thanks for proving that they can. This was really well done :)

Edited at 2012-01-08 09:39 am (UTC)

I'm happy you though so! Thanks for commenting :)

This is perfection. All these moments in time, even though they are, for the most part, simple sentences, they convey a whole life and how even simple things have layers upon layers. I loved this, so lyrical and moving. I will be reccing this to all my friends, thank you for sharing it with us. Take care!

Thank you for taking the time to leave this wonderful comment! I'm really really glad that you liked it so much and that you thought it was moving. If your friends decide to read it then I hope they like it too! :D

They are all just lovely, but I liked #4 the most. The thought of Cas doing all that work...

Ha, IKR, poor Cas -_- Glad you enjoyed this!

This was, quite simply, amazing. Your ability to pack so much into one sentence is astounding. Each and every sentence did that. I can't even pick a favorite.

Thank you so much! I was worried that perhaps I wouldn't get across everything I wanted to and that maybe some of them would be a bit vague or not make sense without more to clarify- I'm glad you felt that each sentence held a lot (you wouldn't believe the amount of time I spent going through them and changing bits here and there haha XD)

I really enjoyed this, all of it immensely! However when I got to this ...
"50 Infinite

As the years stretch into millennia and the passing of time is enveloped by eternity, one thing remains certain: he did it (all of it) for Dean." ?

I welled up! That was truly beautiful! :D

Yay! It makes me so happy when I can write something that can create an emotional response in the reader, it means I managed to convey all the things I felt when writing it. Thank you! ♥

My heart has just had a workout!

In a good way I hope! XD I normally wouldn't be able to write much angst into a fic, but writing like this is the perfect opportunity to write a line of something that makes you smile followed by something that rips your heart out haha ♥

My favorite's the Zachariah one, and I would have killed to hear that happen in the show. Srsly.

But all of them are lovely, and most of them are beautifully hurty. Like the painkiller one. *huggles that one*

Haha a lot of people seem to like that one XD Gotta love some sassy Cas! The painkiller one was one of the last ones I wrote (I wrote them in a totally different order to how I posted them as I decided to rearrange them for better flow). It just kinda came to me and as I wrote it out I was like ouch.

Ok, this was absolutely amazing. But the last one? Broke me. I'm crying now, but I regret nothing!

Noooo *wipes away your tears* Why does this pairing bring us so much sadness hmmm? I'm glad I managed to write in a way that could create such an emotional response though! So pleased you like my fics :)

Ughhhhh. This is really great.
Just so great.

And I totally cried SO MUCH.
This pairing always makes me cry now though, because I am still in so much pain from the goddamn show.
Heartbroken. Completely heartbroken.
But its in a good way.

And I really loved the format of this and the way you set everything up. I also really liked how it didn't follow any kind of rigid timeline.

Awwww, I know the feeling. Sometimes I'll be reading a fic and the slightest thing can trigger the tears because everything about their story is just so tragic!

I'm glad you liked the way it jumps around timeline-wise as I found it a lot of fun to write- it was a really nice way to explore so many aspects of Cas's life so far within so few words, linking them together not necessarily in the order in which they happened but instead letting them flow a bit more smoothly in terms of the emotions they convey :)

I can't even pick a favorite, this is just exquisite. I guess i particularly love things like, Cas liking his love bruising, wishing he had saved him sooner, telling zach how very much he enjoyed being sodomized HA! Oh my and him describing Dean and Sam as soul mates, thats beautiful. I love that Cas gets that bond so deeply, and has no problem with it, and my God that is what they are! Humor all through here was so fun, speeding in the impala, Dean teasing with the beer bottle, sexting! I just love this fic and want to marry it! I am having profound bonding with it. How sweet they leave on a Thursday. I just..ugh...I am overcome by this. Beautiful and brilliant, thank you for this.:-)

Hee, I'm glad you liked so many of them ♥ Thank you for such a lovely comment!

I don't know how many of these made me smile and cry at the same time. This is fucking perfect, and it goes in my folder of favorite fics because I don't ever want to lose it.

OMG this was such a lovely comment to find in my inbox! I'm so glad you liked it so much, and I love when I manage to create an emotional response in the reader *mops up your tears*

(Deleted comment)
Awwww, don't break! XD I'm glad I managed to pack that emotional punch and I hope some of the others made you smile. I really enjoyed writing in this format as it allowed me to explore so many emotions in so few words :) Thanks so much for reading and commenting! ♥

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