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Spn Fanfiction - DCBB2012 - Borrowed (Dean/Cas) [Prologue]
Bill Nails



Steadfast within the core of an angel’s being, all swathed in light and power and splendor, beats their Grace; it has not one color but all colors, infinite in their number, shifting from pastel blues to shocking cerise, burnished golds and silvers to rich, glossy emerald shades that shine like jewels. To the human eye it manifests itself as light, and yet it is not. There are no other words to describe its substance for no matter exists in this world or another that can be compared to it.

The human soul is both similar and entirely different to the swirling magnificence of an angel’s Grace. A more tangible, malleable form of energy, it can be cradled in the hollow of a palm or collected and bartered. Tormented. It cannot be seen, this warm, moving mass of vivacity, but can be moved from one place to another by those who know how.

Though different in form, both an angel’s Grace and a human’s soul are crafted by the same being; as the goddess of this nature of creation, she could raze cities with her voice and form armies with the spoken word, for she exists only as sound. Her voice is her tool with which she breathes Grace and souls into creation, spinning them like silken thread as her words shape and define them into something eternal and pure.

Every being must contain either a soul or their Grace, for this is what shall carry them forward into eternity when their mortal body or celestial form has succumbed to death’s inevitability. No individual could exist without one or the other, and none have ever tried; that is, until the divides between Heaven, Earth, Purgatory and Hell become blurred and the existence of all is shaken by the tremulous footsteps of the apocalypse that never was and its bloody, anguished aftermath.

There is someone, the goddess has heard, who contains neither Grace nor soul, his angelic spirit long since obliterated in a way unlike any she has seen, and a new human body crafted for him seemingly from nothing; his recreation bypassed her entirely, no soul spun or new Grace crafted for him. It was a first, and she would know for she has existed since the dawn of time, as old as God, ancient and everlasting.

This extraordinary soulless, Graceless individual should be nothing and nowhere, and yet his actions and emotions set him apart from others who have temporarily become detached from their inner spirit. She cannot fathom his existence, and nor does she know what will become of him when his newly mortal body can no longer subsist on this plane.

She murmurs his name with her devastating voice, rolling the syllables across her allegorical tongue with curiosity and testing the weight of them. She wishes she knew what to make of this former angel, this unique being.




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First paragraph and I have already fallen in love with your writing! I cannot wait for the rest of this.

Thank you so much my lovely :) I hope you liked the rest! <3

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