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Spn Fanfiction - DCBB2012 - Borrowed (Dean/Cas) [Epilogue]
Bill Nails



One day – a year or so since Castiel returned, by his own reckoning – he and Dean lie together on sun-drenched grass, half-dressed and half-asleep. Warmth blossoms across Castiel’s skin where Dean’s arm comes to rest against his side and Castiel smiles at him; this man, who Castiel once pieced together and would later do the same for himself just so that they could fit back together like two parts made whole.

There is something peaceful about this place which they have made a home, and sometimes they use the serenity and silence to simply be; forgetting the world right down to everything in this space of green.

Castiel has felt an indelible power within the core of him, the ability to create and recreate as he wishes, but he has no need for such things now. He has everything he wants right here in the span of his human gaze.

When Dean tangles their fingers together it feels like coming home, and Castiel closes his eyes against the shimmer of sunlight at the edge of his vision, his happiness absolute.



And so it is that one day – or not-day, perhaps, as time moves so differently here – they will lie together on sun-drenched grass, half-dressed and half-asleep, a mirror of a scene that took place long ago; one of many, and yet one of Castiel’s favorites of all. In Heaven’s memory they can do as they please, rewrite this moment to make it flawless and live it infinitely, whenever and however they like.

Castiel doesn’t change a thing. 


Thanks so much to lizfu- your art is so absolutely beautiful and I feel like my little fic doesn't deserve something so amazing. Thank you for taking the time to do not just two, but three illustrations! I couldn't be happier with them. pickedoffthird- thanks so much for beta'ing my fic. You were invaluable in pointing out my errors (and my overly flowery writing XD) and basically helped turn something half decent into something good - the quality of this fic is down to you. And finally, strangefancy- I honestly don't think this fic would exist without you. So many times, especially in the beginning, I wanted to simply delete this and forget about it. But you believed I could do it and were constantly supportive. Of everyone who reads this, no one's opinion matters more than yours and I sincerely hope it is as good as you believed it could be :) To anyone else who gave this a chance - I'm very grateful. I hope you enjoyed my first (and currently only) attempt at writing a plot-driven multi-chapter fic!

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What a nice way to eat breakfast!

I really enjoyed your story. Your TFW working together vibe is so believable, and I like the way you wrote Dean and Cas having settled into a relationship: there is a sort of mellowness about the sex that is redolent of marriage after the initial passion wears off – the comfortable sex is very realistic and very sweet.

I like your descriptions, your language is very vivid... I like the notion that rogue angels might still be following the example Castiel set them and exercising free will (albeit not very positively!) and what Janiel was doing wrt the souls is a nice callout to the lasting aftermath of what Cas did. I also like that you essentially gave Cas the same power as he had when he was Godstiel, but in this instance it was so much more positively cathartic for him. I love the subtle callout to soulless!Sam in Dean's worry about what Cas's soullessness might mean; and I loved that Castiel asked for a soul and not for his Grace back! And that little touch of finally seeing John Winchester's heaven was very lovely.

Thanks muchly! This whole thing left me with a dopy grin on my face.

Just one suggestion, and I hope you don't mind… I'd recommend that you c/p your links to the next chapter to the bottom of each chapter so that people don't have to keep scrolling back up to the top to get to the next one. ;-)

Edited at 2012-10-06 02:56 pm (UTC)

I'm so glad you liked it, thank you for this wonderful comment! A lot of Big Bang fics are the story of them getting together, which is lovely and it's enjoyable thinking of all the ways their relationship could start out, but I'm drawn to writing established relationship fics and thought it would be something a little bit different :)

And I spent ages yesterday deliberating how to add the links to the other chapters haha, I didn't want it to be confusing or cluttered but you're definitely right that it needs links at the bottom. I've left the links to all chapters/the masterpost at the top and gone through and added in a link to the next chapter in each post to hopefully make it easier to navigate XD Thanks for the suggestion, hopefully it'll be easier for future readers!

Hey, you're welcome! And yep: sometimes it's nice to read something that has them just being as opposed to the necessary angst of them actually getting together... ;-)

Beautiful story. I like that you made Cas a God without doing the whole Godstiel thing.

Thanks so much :) 'Beautiful' is a lovely compliment and I'm happy you thought so ♥

Wonderful realization of a great idea.
Thanks for a few very entertaining hours^^

Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thank you! :)

This was really fantastic. Such a unique idea, and a great exploration of the meaning behind souls and grace and humanity. Beautiful story.

Thank you so very much *blushes* :)

You know how much I love this fic, bb. <3

The whole thing was just really lovely and dreamy. It's tricky to work in the frame of an established relationship and make it interesting, but you did. Like I said when I was reading it - I looooved the parallels between the fact that Cas was gone for three years being more or less a god, and this was three years after the beginning of S7, and that you didn't say what happened between S7 and this fic. A lot can happen in three years.

also jfc the sex, had to be said *____*

Also, noooo way the quality's due to me - that's all you, hun! Such great stuff. :3



THIS FIC. Have I mentioned how much I love your style? It's intimate and flowing and takes the reader from one scene to the next like it's a dream. The sex scenes seem natural - not out of character or grossly overwritten - and leave us with simple, yet powerful imagery. I can't tell you how many times I just wanted to draw, like, someone hand on someone else's hip or arms wrapped around waists - but then I thought it would be too vague for illustrations.

Also, I am in love with Shekinah. OCs are normally miss rather than hit for me, but I found her fascinating and engaging. Her laid back personality reminded me a bit of Gabriel and Balthazar - without the hostilities towards the Winchesters or meaningful life lessons disguised as pranks. I would read another fic featuring her in it.

Lastly, in response to your note at the end, your fic totally deserved the art and more! My only regret? I didn't get this ONE LAST PIECE started beyond a thumbnail sketch and a few notes on what I wanted to do with it.

Again, thank you so much for sharing this fic with us!

I'm so happy that you liked it so much - having picked out my fic to illustrate you had to read it all the way through and I was worried you would hate it and be forced to keep reading out of obligation haha XD

Thanks so much for all your lovely compliments, and it's a shame you didn't have chance to complete another piece of artwork simply because I could never tire of looking at your beautiful work! ♥

I've been reading this in bits and pieces as I could (on my cell) since I woke up this morning and finally got to a place whee I could finish it completely and I'm so glad I did because this is so, so amazing. I've been teary since chapter 3 and now I'm a mess. This was perfect. There's so much about this fic that I want to curl up in, so much that I visualize that you gave the reader, so much to want in a way that's bittersweet because there's no way that show could match the magnificence of this.

It's powerful storytelling and everything is so real and vivid and vibrant - your way with words still blows me away. There's this richness that's infused in every sentence that I could not get over.

I love it. I wouldn't change a thing - I honestly felt Cas' pain when he had to leave to the wonder of his creating. I worried for Dean and Sam without Cas and can only imagine what those three years were like without him (even though you creatively gave us an idea) and the established Destiel was so natural, I felt right into this universe. I loved the OC's (I don't see why you were worried) and you brought in the Cas and Sam BFF-ness!

I want to copy and paste all my favorite parts and tell you so much more because you deserve all the praise for writing this (and finishing, WOOT) but I can't right now! I'll leave you a more comprehensive comment when I get to a computer. You are wonderful and you're wonderful for having given us this. Thank you so, so much for letting me have a small hand in it.


I also should have used a different icon... something way fitting.

I didn't really notice the icon until you pointed it out lol - it's fun to re-read your comment as though you were extremely drunk when writing it hahaha XD



And I checked my emails when I woke up this morning and this comment made my day when I found it in my inbox! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Like I said, I would have probably just deleted it all on account of it being crap when I was part way through it but you kept me going and i'm glad I did because I think I'm pretty happy with the end result :)

AMAZING. Gonna be reccing this all over the place. This is everything I want out of a Dean/Cas fic. :D

Thank you SO MUCH for reccing it! I'm very happy you liked it ♥

really enjoyed this, enough sex for the rating and yet not the be all and end all of Dean and Cas's relationship as you've written.

Dean's summing up of God "“So God’s the douche in a suit getting all the credit while his flunkies do the actual work?” " I just loved.

Shekinah's a lovely addition to 'non-douche angel' brigade and now I've scenes of she and Balthazar seeing who can be the most flippant and irrelevant.

Lovely fic. Thanks

I'm so glad you thought I got the amount of sex right, I usually just write porn so I wanted to make sure it still had enough sex to make it natural and fun to write but without it taking over the whole thing XD

Thanks so much for reading and commenting! ♥

Congratulations! Lovely story and an interesting take on what Cas has come to be, a "Creator". As much as I love reading about Dean and Cas finally realizing their feelings for each otehr and becoming a couple, I'm equally in love with reading about them in an established relationship, and you've done a wonderful job here with that. Their little nuances in quiet moments, how Cas handles Dean when he gets angry, how Dean eventually accepts that Cas is his own person and can make his own decisions, like a human.

I also love the TFW relationship here, working together, and simply being around each other. I long for that so much on the show, so reading it here is definitely appreciated.

Again congrats on your story!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm definitely drawn towards writing established relationship fics as I find it a lot of fun putting not only the characters but the relationship between them into different situations and seeing where it leads :) And of course, I couldn't leave Sam out of it XD

Ooh, lovely fic. The prose was really nice and I definitely enjoyed reading. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

Aw, thank you! I'm glad you liked it :3

This was a really wonderful fic to read, thank you so much for sharing. I love how you dealt with the whole Cas with no soul or grace thing, and I felt everyone was in perfect character. I really enjoyed reading this :)

Thank you so much! I always work hard to keep people in character and I'm glad you thought it worked :)

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